Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dietary Manager Online

Dietary Manager Online was designed with cloud computing technology. This means that the program is being securely shared across the internet for instant access and real time updates to your input data.

There are many advantages to cloud based system. There is no software to install, which enables you to sit down anywhere with a live internet connection and immediately start working in our system with login credentials.

There are no limits to total or simultaneous users. Also, updates to your data and updates to our system programming are automatic and instant.

There are also very few downsides. Our system has built in redundancies, as well as being simultaneously hosted in two locations to ensure stability in the event of an issue. We also strive to maintain and exceed an industry standard level of service access.

Our system is designed to conform to HIPAA standards and meets all requirements for such regulations. We do not store patient information, other than name and birth date, which is optional. You have the added security of each user having a unique username and password, which you can completely control in order to grant or prohibit access to the data.

Absolutely! We have invested our experience and working knowledge of the healthcare industry into designing a product that delivers all of the information you need. Our system can print all of your daily reports as well as production sheets, order guides, diet spreadsheets and much more.

With our system, your patient and menu data is arranged and displayed simply and efficiently. You get exactly the information you need to be successful.

We strive to make transition and startup a quick and painless process. Our team in implementation will help get any data that you can provide to use in our system. We have the ability to upload a portion of patient information, as well as individuals, who can help speed up data entry in terms of menu and diet spreads.

Part of our commitment to your success is our unique “inventory rationalization” process. We set up your primary vendor, with all of your products and pricing as part of our package.

We stand behind a 60 day implementation guarantee. Through our partnership and our assistance, you will be up and running in 60 days.

Maintaining your data is even easier. Our system is designed with quick entry drop down inputs customized to your facility. This limits typing, which speeds up entry and insures accurate data.

As long as you can access the internet you can access our system. We feature tabbed browsing, and drop down selection input, which is optimized for mobile devices. We have designed an interface for quick menu selections for service point ordering- specifically for tablets and touch displays in rooms or units. With our system, it has never been easier to access your information, input patient data and preferences.

Our system has a simple and efficient menu building component built in. You have the ability to rapidly create and duplicate menus and diets with automatic replacements, and the ability to copy or replace from individual or multiple days and meals simultaneously.

If you need more, our team of chefs and dieticians can help provide you with basic menus and diet spread sheets, or designed custom menus and recipes. We strive to be a full service partner in your success.

We at Dietary Manager have designed a unique system for helping to input and maintain your inventory and products. As part of our implementation we build a custom inventory from your primary vendor, with all of the product information, including pricing, packaging, and nutrition.

From this list all recipes will be built, which will bring with it all vital information to be reported on in real time. This enables you to view actual cost and nutrient analysis on your recipes and menus as you modify them.

We also want to make sure your information is up to date and current. We will keep your primary vendor pricing up to date every month- part of our commitment to your success.