Dietary Manager Online

Dietary Manager Online is an innovative new food service management software program for long-term care, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. This exciting new product provides a customizable solution for healthcare professionals seeking to

  • Manage Inventory
  • Track Resident Nutrition
  • Coordinate Food Service Management From a User-Friendly Internet Portal
We understand that if we are going to deliver the full value of our system to our customers, we have to go above and beyond to help them. It’s not enough just to give them web-enabled software. We work to ensure that they have support from an assigned customer service representative, with experience in the industry, who will work hand in hand with their team. Many of our competitors take months, sometimes more than a year, to get fully up and running. We want our customers to be fully integrated in sixty days.
Donna Sprout, CEO of Brimstone Allon Enterprises, LLC

Customized Reports for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living & More

Dietary Manager Online provides your facility with a menu of reports, making it easy for you to identify needs and increase efficiencies. The system is customized with presets, tailored to your facility, to help streamline the data entry process for your team, making the software accessible to the basic computer user. We work very closely with our customers, providing them with hands on customer support. The support we provide you is not just by telephone: we will go on site, provide training, and provide online support so that we can “look over your shoulder” to guide you through the process as you work with your data.

Food Service Software Designed by Food Service Professionals for the Food Service Industry

Our dietary management software is designed by food service professionals, to be intuitive to members of the food service industry. Our food service software functions the way that a clinical team and food manager work. We provide dietitians with all of the resources that they need for nutritional analysis, including calorie count tracking, menu nutrition, and recipe library resources. Use this software to easily monitor the nutritional intake of all the components in a resident’s dining, from tray to snacks to supplements to special requests.

One of the things that sets Dietary Manager Online apart from other web based systems is the fact that our customers will get everything they need as part of the product cost. Resident tracking, menus, recipes, nutrition – all the components of dietary management are included as part of the package. We work with the facility to rationalize and review those specific components to make sure they’re buying the best products for the recipes they’re using.
Bill Valway, VP of Marketing at Brimstone Allon Enterprises, LLC

Food Costing and Inventory Software

As the Federal government reduces reimbursements, food is one of the most difficult areas for healthcare facilities to reduce costs. The most important factor in achieving cost-efficiency in dietary management is to identify needs, and utilize the correct products to meet those needs. Dietary Manager Online will help you with that process, while controlling production costs and reducing waste. Our system assists your facility with that process immediately, as the initial installation includes inventory rationalization, in which all menus (including resident-specific menus) and products are evaluated, ensuring that your facility is getting the best value for your purchasing dollar.

Multiple User Profiles

Dietary Manager Online allows administrators to register up to ten different team members, each with a user profile customized to their specific role in your facility’s food service team. When member of your team logs in to their account, they are given options that are relevant to their responsibilities, making our system more efficient and user-friendly. If a team member is only concerned with production, and they’re only required to work with inventories and menus, their access can be restricted to protect sensitive patient information.

We’re very excited about this new web-based dietary management system. When you combine these new capabilities with the hands-on support Brimstone Allon is known for, you get a level of service that’s unparalleled in the industry. We’re going to achieve amazing results for long-term care and assisted living facilities, and that’s going to raise the standard in our industry.
Bill Valway, VP of Marketing at Brimstone Allon Enterprises, LLC