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Dietary Manager Software Features

Dietary Manager offers all of the following components as part of a comprehensive food service management software solution. Many companies will charge you separately for each component, We want everyone that we work with to have every possible tool available to them. Your success is our success.

Menu Development & Recipes

Dietary Manager is designed to enhance Resident/Patient choice in the selection of their meals, while reducing management time to build and assign menus.

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Inventory & Purchasing Management

Dietary Manager enhances your ability to organize, maintain and use inventory data to drive ordering. We'll insure you have what you need in the right amounts, with the least effort.

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Patient/Resident Data

Dietary Manager organizes patient/resident data in easy to navigate, tabbed forms, reducing time to enter new residents or exchange existing information for a specific resident.

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Vendor & Invoice Management

Having easy access to Vendor data is always helpful. Dietary Manager give you the tool to manage all your vendor data from key contact to delivery days.

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Invoice Tracking

Calculating actual cost for any period is critical in the healthcare market today. Dietary Manager allows for direct entry of invoices or purchase order data.

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Staff Scheduling Management and Staff Data

Organizing staff schedules can be time consuming and a real challenge. Dietary Manager's Scheduling module give you an easy to use tool to manage schedules and print posting and individual schedules.

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Function & Requisition Management and Tracking

Dietary Manager provides a sound easily managed process to manage and track cost of requisitioned by department served.

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CCRC Meal Tracking

Organizations that offer multiple levels of care, often have a significant chanllenge tracking Resident activity. Dietary Manager provides a multi-location foodservice management software that tracks all dining...

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Webinar Events

Dietary Manager is pleased to introduce our webinar series, with monthly topics designed to generate new interest and ideas for keeping your operation fresh and efficient…. More

Menu Production Solutions

Our spreadsheet based menu and production solutions provides a template for developing a complete menus, recipe, production and ordering system… More

Recipe Solutions

Dietary Manager makes a variety of recipe formats available to you, with recipes that are formatted for 24,48 and 96 portions. We will create custom recipe files to match your menu… More

Culture Change

Brimstone Allon Enterprises has been in the forefront of the “Culture Change” paradigm, with our industry leading Administrative Education series on “Culture Change”. We support and welcome the QIS process…. More

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