Culture Change

With the introduction of the new QIS Survey, every long term care organization will need to rethink how it will meet the new “Culture Change” criteria.

It’s a new day for Dietary Operation under the QIS licensing review model.

Heavily process driven and Resident choice focused, this new survey process will challenge Dietary Managers to rethink every aspect of service and clinical care. DietaryManager  has been in the forefront of the “Culture Change” paradigm, with our industry leading Administrative Education series on “Culture Change”.

We support and welcome the QIS process. Let us help you understand the new QIS process and give you the tools you’ll need to meet the “Cuture Change” targets.

Meals are one of the most important and significant activities that takes place in our care centers. Eating is not just about nourishment it is about enjoyment and community. Are you creating an experience that supports your residents need for community or are you simply getting a meal in front of them?

We challenge you to do better than just getting a meal in front of your residents.

Let’s consider this: Other than work days, do you always get up at 7:00 am? Do you eat the same thing at the same time, every day? Do you sit in the same spot every day? Do you go to bed at the same time every day? The answer to these questions for a majority of us is no. Why should it be any different for our nursing care residents? It shouldn’t.

Your residents are real people who had productive and interesting live before they came to your nursing care home. What has changed? They need more support to take care of themselves, that all. They didn’t leave their life at the front door, they came to you with years of life experiences.

They have earned the right to be cared for with respect. They deserve to make decisions about their care and how they live their lives, to the best of their ability and when they can no longer make depictions for themselves they still deserve to be cared for with compassion and respect. They didn’t check into a warehouse, they checked into a home.

For information on how to create a dietary program that meets the “Culture Change” model contact us today. Dietary Manager has the help you need to move to a new Resident Centered Food Service, one that embodies the goals of “Culture Change”.